Why go with us?

There are many talented 360° project management companies and excellent project managers for interior design in Europe, so why go with KRIWET? Size is an important argument. We have chosen to be a small company with great agility and strong competitiveness.  

We have a small and close-knit in-house team and hand-pick partners for each project. It allows us to offer the most competent people for the task every time. Whether we need to set up a flagship store, a pharmacy, a restaurant, an office, or a private home. You will always get a dedicated team, and you will only pay for the competences needed. Neither more nor less.  

At KRIWET we are passionate about our work. We love what we do and are convinced that true devotion makes the difference. We always go that extra mile an extra step to find a common ground for durable and valuable solutions. Why? Because we prefer to have a long term and sustainable client relation- and partnership. That is why we say,: