There is a big difference between decorating a fashion store and a pharmacy. Also, there is a big difference between furnishing an office and a private home. And it is not possible to be a specialist in all areas of interior design and architecture.  

At Kriwet we always want to bring on the best man for the job. Besides our inhouse architects we therefor collaborate with highly skilled architects and designers making it possible always to draw on the right competencies for the right tasks.

We only work with business partners we can trust and who have already proved their worth. Every single one is handpicked by us and have been a close partner over a long period of time.

As a client you will always know who and how the partner is involved in the job. We are 100% transparent about our partners and the cost. 

One point of contact
We also have a close collaboration with consulting engineers, draftsmen, technicians and specialists in ventilation, fire safety and other building applications. This means we can provide a total solution with architectural drawings, technical drawings, engineering calculations and safety approvals. All of it with one point of contact – your Kriwet project manager.
As soon as you enter a pharmacy, doctor's or wellness practice or even a beauty salon, you should feel it. The feeling of being in safe and professional hands. At the same time, you expect a modern and inviting setting that welcomes you warmly and professionally. This is the challenge for a perfect design, including the selection of lightning and materials. 

At KRIWET we work specialized architects who know exactly how to accommodate the customers' needs and how to create the right customer experience. Our know-how prevents you from pitfalls by providing best of class solutions.

Pharmacies of tomorrow
Will online shopping outmatch physical pharmacies in the future?
No; not necessarily. Probably there will be fewer stores, but better stores permeated of high-quality materials and tech solutions. It’s crucial to focus on the user experience. At the same time, pharmacies must be much more flexible and able to react to external incidents that affect society globally.

It's time to think outside the box. With our specialists, KRIWET can contribute to create a new generation of interiors that will allow you to quickly react to any new situation. At KRIWET we love to be involved already in the planning process. Our experience provides best practices and cost-effective solutions that safe you money from the start on.

People we trust in

Klaus Bürger Architecture
Working to high standards, and with a great love of detail, Klaus Bürger Architecture create rooms and spaces whose timeless design and choice of enduring materials make them useable and up-to-date for decades. For more than 30 years their work has been characterised primarily by a high-level of continuity in architectural language, quality and liveliness, as their numerous projects prove. They do not follow short-lived trends. Their handwriting is a clear, reduced architectural language, which lends all their projects their special quality.  ge that gives all her projects their character.


Dipl. Ing. Architect Marcel Franken from Klaus Bürger Architecture tells: – As creative architects and interior designers, we need assistance by those, who manage to build our visions. Kriwet estimates costs, writes offers and manages the building site. In short, they take away from us all this uncreative bureaucracy. But most of all Dominik Kriwet understands our work and our claims in quality and detail.

See examples of Klaus Bürger Architectures work here

Creative director

Ole Kaarsberg, Creative director

Ole Kaarsberg is specialized in working with corporate identity. During his career, he has worked on developing concepts for major global brands. Ole has a background in the advertising industry but has for the last 10 years specialized in getting the brand story brought out to consumers by creating inspiring and creative store interiors.

See examples of Ole Kaarsbergs work here