In our opinion, a well-designed pharmacy, doctor's or wellness practice or even a beauty salon is characterized by the following: Welcoming and accommodating as well as professional and trustworthy. The layout should be self-explanatory to guide the customers easily through product and services. Enough space for privacy and confidential conversations goes hand in hand with comfortable waiting areas. Furthermore, a pharmacy looks always clean and clinical – even after a day of heavy customer traffic

At KRIWET we are experts in refurbishing, rebuilding, and renovating of pharmacies, medical or wellness practices and beauty salons. We are your dedicated business partner, providing an end-to-end process from the very first meeting to the final hand over.

The KRIWET-App allows you to monitor the project on site in close to real-time. Hence, you'll always have an overall project overview.


As soon as you enter a pharmacy, doctor's or wellness practice or even a beauty salon, you should feel it. The feeling of being in safe and professional hands. At the same time, you expect a modern and inviting setting that welcomes you warmly and professionally. This is the challenge for a perfect design, including the selection of lightning and materials.  At KRIWET we work specialized architects who know exactly how to accommodate the customers' needs and how to create the right customer experience. Our know-how prevents you from pitfalls by providing best of class solutions.

Pharmacies of tomorrow
Will online shopping outmatch physical pharmacies in the future? No; not necessarily. Probably there will be fewer stores, but better stores permeated of high-quality materials and tech solutions. It’s crucial to focus on the user experience. At the same time, pharmacies must be much more flexible and able to react to external incidents that affect society globally. It's time to think outside the box. With our specialists, KRIWET can contribute to create a new generation of interiors that will allow you to quickly react to any new situation. At KRIWET we love to be involved already in the planning process. Our experience provides best practices and cost-effective solutions that safe you money from the start on.

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3D measurement

Would you base your interior decorating on a drawing? We wouldn't.
An architectural drawing can hold to many surprises. Maybe the size of the disk looks nice on paper but turns out to be unsuitable. Maybe the drawing does not consider that the shelf covers a power socket?

At KRIWET, we want 100% accurate dimensions and a realistic overview. This is the reason why we use the latest 3D measurement technology. We measure and photograph the entire store down to the smallest millimeter. We mark all wall sockets and piping. Simply because it’s the only way to give you a realistic picture of the pharmacy or medical clinic.

Virtual presentation
All clients get a log-in on our KRIWET cloud. This is the place for all your drawings. With our 1:1 3D model you can take a virtual tour and explore all details by your own. We can also arrange a virtual on-site presentation of the office, so you don’t have to spend time driving to the construction site.

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n what order should the craftsmen be hired? Which approvals are required from the local authorities?

At Kriwet, we have many years of experience in planning store reconstructions. We know what it takes and lead the project with a safe hand.

We take care of the approval of the authorities. We hire the craftsmen in the right order ensuring a smooth and effective working process. We follow the process closely and inspect the construction site on daily basis.

Fast to market
A thorough planning from the start of the project ensures that we can begin the work as soon as you have received the key from the landlord. That’s a cost-effective process ensuring that the time from takeover to opening is as short as possible.

A constructive mindset is a key focus at Kriwet. We take care of unforeseen challenges along the way ensuring you get fast to market. We use virtual onside meetings to keep you in the loop and all changes will be documented with photos. Furthermore, you can follow and monitor the entire process from a distance with the Kriwet app. The app also has a chat function where you can ask questions and get instant answers.

One point of contact
As a client at Kriwet you have one dedicated project manager. This person stands by your side 24 hours a day and participates in every meeting during the process. From the first visit with the landlord to the final hand over and grand opening.

Thanks to our many years of experience and strict project management, we ensure that we deliver on time and on budget.


The devil is in the detail. And at Kriwet we know the power of punctiliousness. 

We know that it’s the final finish that makes the big difference. We have a large network of highly skilled craftsmen ensuring us to hire in the best man for the job. No matter where in Europe the job is.  

We only work with craftsmen we can trust and who have already proved their worth. Craftsmen who are dedicated, professional and a distinct focus on details.  

Together with our dedicated project managers we will make sure that your ideas, thoughts and plans are realised in the best possible way.

Hand over

When working with Kriwet, nothing is left to chance. We always go one step further to meet your expectations - and preferably a little more than that.

When we hand over the store, we always undergo a meticulous quality check together with you. We check out even the small details. Whether there is power in all power sockets, whether the cabinet door in the kitchen binds, whether there is a shielding that has not been removed, etc.

Everything is documented with photos, and if there are any small details that need to be fixed, we will make a timeline on site for when the repair work will be accomplish.

Because, at Kriwet we take pride in the fact that you can’t put a finger on our work. That’s why we always go further.